According to the directions, SIEPS should participate in international exchanges within its area of expertise. Through European and Swedish networks SIEPS introduces the results of European research in the Swedish debate, as well as distributing the Swedish research abroad. In addition to this function, the national and international exchange is essential for the quality and value of SIEPS' research. European researchers are attached to several of SIEPS' research projects and the European dimension is therefore naturally a central aspect.

SIEPS' researchers take part in different projects with other institutions and organizations. They also participate actively in the cooperation within the Swedish networks for European research. SIEPS is also a member of numerous international networks of various institutes and think tanks.

The cooperation is conducted both in the research and analysis field, as well as in the seminars. When deemed appropriate seminars are co-organized with other institutions and organizations such as the Swedish Parliament, the Government Offices, Notre Europe, The Swedish Institute of International Affairs, SNS Center for Business and Policy Studies, European Economic Advisory Group (EEAG); European Commission in Sweden, the European Parliament in Sweden and the SNS Democratic Council to name a few.

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