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The European refugee crisis

The European refugee crisis has put the EU’s ability to find a common answer to the test. The member states’ difficulties in agreeing on a division of responsibilities for refugees also raises questions about cohesion and solidarity within the Union, which will have consequences not only for member states' confidence in each other, but also for the EU's capacity to adopt common solutions.

The political situation in Spain

The analysis Spain after the June 2016 elections: What implications for the EU? was written before the Catalan government referendum on independence from Spain took place but gives a broad picture of the political landscape in Spain.

The European Commission at half-time: What has been achieved?

When Jean-Claude Juncker took over the presidency of the European Commission in November 2014, he promised a "more political" and less technocratic Commission during the forthcoming term of office. Halfway into the term it is time for a health check. What has the Juncker Commission actually accomplished and is it really "more political"?