Mobility and Cohesion: Infrastructural challenges

Timeframe: Completed
Project managers: Fredrik Langdal and Göran von Sydow

A Terriritorial Agenda for the EU was adopted in Leipzig in 2007. Its purpose is among many things to strengthen the territorial cohesion in an expanding Union. Today three in four of the union’s citizens live in urban areas while three fourths of the territory is rural. In the Territorial Agenda a number of challenges are identified regarding the environment, cohesion, economic growth and access to infrastructure and knowledge. The approach of this project draws on the tensions created by changing centre-periphery relations, new modes of production and globalisation.

The project will be initiated in 2010 and topical research questions will be identified. The aspects that have been identified hitherto are:

1) The effects of the changing borders on European territoriality;
2) The infrastructural challenges for territorial cohesion as in roads, rails, fiber optic networks, and energy networks.
3) The role of major cities/urban areas in European integration.
4) The projects of the EU aimed at meeting the infrastructural changes, such as TEN’s and macro regional strategies