Internal and external dimensions of a common asylum and migration policy

Project Manager: Jonas Eriksson, Monika Hjeds Löfmark and Pernilla Bäckman

Asylum and immigration in the EU and its Member States raises a number of questions that require an in-depth analysis. Several goals have to fit within the same framework, e.g. secure borders, access to labour, combating undeclared work, a high level of security for those requiring protection etc. At the same time, it is also interesting to study the financial and political ramifications of common action to handle migration flows and the potential role of immigration in softening the demographic challenges faced by the Member States. In the latter category, there is also the question of labour immigration, both within and into the Union.

In 2016 SIEPS will publish several reports and analyses concerning aspects relating to both the ongoing asylum and refugee crisis and illegal immigration into the EU. With respect to the former category, a report will examine ways to introduce economic incentives to the distribution of refugees and a European Policy Analysis examines the self-image of Member States’ in terms of their reception of refugees. In terms of the second category, a number of papers will analyse undocumented migration, human smuggling and human trafficking.