The EU as a global power

Project managers: Jakob Lewander och Jonas Eriksson

There has been an ambition among the EU Member States to increase the Union’s weight as an international player, one rationale being to safeguarde the European social model in an ever globalising world. In this research project, SIEPS takes an interdisciplinary perspective on the issue of the EU’s global role, where the Union’s desire to be a global leader is militated against by the lack of trust and problems of coordination among the Member States.

The various crises in recent years – not least the aftermath of the Arabic Spring, which has provoked both migratory crises as well as acts of terror – have highlighted the need for the EU to take on a leading role on the international arena. For example, the development of the Union’s relations with major partners such as China, Russia and the USA has climbed among the Union’s list of priorities.

In 2016 SIEPS will publish reports analysing EU relations with third countries in the field of fishery policy as well as trade policy. Furthermore, as of 2016 the research project takes on the research issues previously pertaining to the European Security project. Worthy of mention in this regard are the security challenges facing the EU in its eastern and southern neighborhood, where the formulation of a new Neighborhood Policy and Security Strategy will play an important part.