European Security

Project manager: Jakob Lewander

The role of EU as a security actor has expanded ever since the treaty of Maastricht. As clarifies by the treaties, national security lies within the exclusive competence of the member states, yet the role of the EU has swiftly gained ground in bordering policy areas such as internal security, civilian protection, crisis management and counterterrorism.

The research project deals with a number of areas connecting to EU cooperation on security. What kind on security actor does the EU constitute? What is the nature of cooperation between the member states? What sort of security is pursued? The research project includes traditional divisions such as internal/external security as well as civilian/military security and touches on new security areas such as energy security, the planned energy union and the security challenges in the relations to Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

The basis on which the EU makes foreign and security decisions will receive particular focus during 2016. It is assumed that the possibility for EU member states to set out from a common situational awareness or view of the future is imperative for common decision-making, and against that background this research project will map out and analyse the today existing functions within the EU to comprehend the world. The analysis capacity as well as the ability within the EU to utilize the analysis will be considered. Also, within various fields the EU has created a system to collect, analyse and distribute sensitive information. Due to the many diverse fields of activity of the EU, the content of the collected information may come to risk the integrity and interests of individuals as well as corporations. During 2015, the research project has mainly produced publications within the areas of the EU's common intelligence structures and the various security implications of the energy union. The research project will however be finalized in 2016 and passed over to the more overarching project ”The EU as a global power”.