Regional separatism in Europe: The case of Catalonia (2015:21epa)


On 27 September Catalonia will hold elections to the regional parliament. The relation between Catalonia and Spain have become the central theme of these elections. For the last ten years the relationship between the Catalan and the Spanish government has steadily deteriorated due to discrepancies regarding Catalonia’s regional competences. This publication analyses the Catalan political nationalism in light of last decade’s Spanish-Catalan negotiations regarding decentralisation/centralisation. It also discusses the significance of the Catalan issue in the EU cooperation and the importance of the financial crisis for the sovereignty project. The study also examines the Catalan elections in light of the upcoming Spanish elections in December.

The publication is in Swedish and is a part of the SIEPS' project The political system of the European Union.

Jakob Lewander is a researcher in Political Science at SIEPS.