CSR and the Swedish model

The Green Book from 2001 sparks the discussion on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the EU, and becomes the first major reference text concerning CSR in the EU In 2006 a partnership for growth and employment is launched that has as an objective to make Europe a pole of excellence on CSR. The initiative also introduces a European alliance for corporate social responsibility, building on the principle of voluntarism.

Judging from the Swedish context, some hesitation exists about the turn that EU politics in terms of CSR has taken. Opinions include arguments questioning the relevance of CSR for the Swedish context due to the Swedish comprehensive legislation in social issues as well as sceptic views about the role that the EU ascribes to businesses. Trade unions, e.g., question the role of businesses as welfare providers due to the risk of arbitrariness and lack of democratic control.

The report was presented at the seminar CSR and the Swedish Model.

icon 2006:9 Företagens sociala ansvar och den svenska modellen (244.75 kB)