TGAE 2011: The Contribution of 16 European think tanks to the Polish, Danish and Cypriot Trio Presidency of the European Union


With the establishment of the permanent European Council presidency and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the Lisbon Treaty modified the role of the rotating presidencies. In a new report from Think Global – Act European (TGAE), this issue is scrutinized on the basis of the forthcoming 18-month agenda of the Polish, Danish and Cypriot Trio Presidency. The report contains contributions and recommendations from experts representing 16 European research institutes and think thanks, SIEPS among them.

The project Think Global – Act European (TGAE) is coordinated by the French institute Notre Europe. The purpose is to present research based knowledge on issues prioritized by the Trio Presidency. SIEPS is the Swedish partner in the TGAE-project and this year´s report includes SIEPS contributions from Jonas Eriksson, researcher, economics, Jörgen Hettne, senior researcher, law and Fredrik Langdal, researcher, political science. 

The entire version of the report is published in English and can be downloaded from the Notre Europe website. The separate articles contributed by Sieps can be downloaded below.

The report is part of the SIEPS research project The EU Presidencies.