Seminar 14 November: A resilient Europe (EU Days Lund)

During the yearly forum EU Days Lund, SIEPS and Centre for European Studies at Lund University organised a seminar with the title "A resilient Europe", with the participation of Cecilia Malmström, Former EU Commissioner, Rikard Bengtsson, Senior lecturer in Political Science at Lund University, and Lars Danielsson, Former Permanent Representative of Sweden to the EU. Watch a recording here.


In an era of rising geopolitical tensions, Europe’s decision-making ability and cohesion are being tested. The EU's response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has been characterized by unity as well as rapid decision-making. And there has been strong consensus among Western countries along with a notable increase in ambition for the EU as a security policy actor.

However, the challenges are significant. How should the EU, its Member States and partners best equip themselves to be resilient in a time of great uncertainty?

Time: 11.30–12.15

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  • Cecilia Malmström, Former EU Commissioner and Senior Fellow PIIE
  • Rikard Bengtsson, Senior lecturer, Department of Political Science, Lund University
  • Lars Danielsson, Former Permanent Representative of Sweden to the EU and former State Secretary
  • Louise Bengtsson, Senior Researcher in Political Science, SIEPS