Restoring the Borderless Schengen Area: Mission Impossible?

May 2024 • Peers Steve


The increase in border checks within the Schengen zone, since 2015, has prompted a recent EU strategy to ‘save Schengen’. But according to expert on EU law Steve Peers, the ongoing changes are unlikely to restore a fundamentally border-free travel area. (2024:12epa)

Procedures, Politics, Policies: The pieces of the puzzle for the next institutional cycle of the EU

March 2024 • Kreilinger Valentin


The European elections in June 2024 mark the starting point for a new cycle in EU politics. In this European Policy Analysis, political scientist Valentin Kreilinger (SIEPS) explores the renewal of key institutions and the formation of a new EU leadership for the next five years, a period that looks set to be marked by economic challenges, enlargement and internal reforms. (2024:6epa)

The Minimum Standards of International Protection applicable to the European Union

January 2024 • Guild Elspeth , Grundler Maja


EU Member States have legal obligations towards people seeking protection. These stem from having joined the EU and the Council of Europe as well as having signed and ratified international human rights conventions. In this report, Professor of Law Elspeth Guild and Lecturer in Law Maja Grundler set out the minimum standards of international protection applicable to EU members. (2024:1)


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