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The Rule of Law in the EU: Crisis and Solutions

The EU Treaties proclaim the rule of law to be one of the Union’s founding values. Ongoing violations of it are therefore a major concern. In this SIEPS anthology, prominent legal scholars, political scientists and practitioners consider the scale of problem and examine attempted and potential solutions. (2023:1op)

Open Strategic Autonomy: New Challenges for the EU’s Common Commercial Policy

The global economy and international trade have changed significantly since the fall of the Berlin wall. In this analysis, Christoph Herrmann (University of Passau) outlines how the EU has responded to the new geo-economic situation. He argues that while pursuing strategic autonomy is reasonable, in doing so the EU risks overstepping the bounds of legality. (2023:9epa)

Conference on the rule of law

Watch recordings from the conference ”The Rule of Law: Crisis and Solutions”. The conference, co-organised by SIEPS on 17–18 April, brought together distinguished scholars, policy-makers and practitioners to discuss the future of the rule of law in the EU.

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