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Europe’s Social Revival: From Gothenburg to Next Generation EU

At the Gothenburg summit in 2017, EU leaders agreed on a set of principles to strengthen citizens' social rights and reduce inequalities within the Union. In this analysis, political scientists David Bokhorst and Sven Schreurs consider EU social and economic policymaking since the summit. They find that there has been a substantive change and reflect on whether it is likely to endure. (2023:14epa)

Summitry: the Increasingly Frequent Meetings of European Leaders

European leaders are increasingly seen moving from airplanes to the negotiation table and on to photo opportunities. Summits have become commonplace. Could the increasing frequency of high-level political meetings be a symptom and a cause of power shifts? Daniel Tarschys considers and sets out some questions about contemporary statecraft. (2023:12epa)

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Conference on the rule of law

Watch recordings from the conference ”The Rule of Law: Crisis and Solutions”. The conference, co-organised by SIEPS on 17–18 April, brought together distinguished scholars, policy-makers and practitioners to discuss the future of the rule of law in the EU.

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