Webinar 3 December: The rule of law, the European Court of Justice, and the future of the EU

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) is behind a recent enhancement of European constitutionalism, placing a long-established value and principle of EU law, at the centre stage: the rule of law. This process represents the Court’s response in cases involving breaches of the rule of law within EU member states. What does this case law entail and what are the implications for the EU? This was discussed at a webinar on 3 December with Professors Laurent Pech and Dimitry Kochenov.

In a case-by-case analysis, professors Laurent Pech, Middlesex University, and Dimitry Kochenov, Central European University, have offered a guide to navigate the Court of Justice’s fast-expanding case law and to grasp its significance for the future of the EU.

The study is published in the framework of a SIEPS’ research project on the EU Rule of Law toolkit, which aims to provide critical analysis of EU initiatives to confront the regression in the rule of law.

At the webinar, the authors presented their report, and comments were given by Jane Reichel, Professor in administrative law at Stockholm University and member of SIEPS’ advisory board. The webinar was concluded with questions from an invited audience, including scholars and practitioners.

The webinar was held in English.

Read more about and download the report: Respect for the Rule of Law in the Case Law of the European Court of Justice: A Casebook Overview of Key Judgments since the Portuguese Judges Case

Webbinarium 3 december: Rättsstaten, EU-domstolen och EU:s framtid from Sieps on Vimeo.

  • 3 December 2021 10:00 - 11:30
  • The webinar will be shown below from 10:00. A recording will be available afterwards.
  • Hans Dahlgren, Minister for EU Affairs
  • Laurent Pech, Professor of European Law and Head of the Law and Politics Department at Middlesex University London
  • Dimitry Kochenov, Head of the Rule of Law research group at the CEU Democracy Institute in Budapest and Professor of Law at the CEU Department of Legal Studies in Vienna
  • Jane Reichel, Professor in administrative law at Stockholm University and member of SIEPS’ advisory board
  • Annika Ström Melin, journalist, author and member of SIEPS’ advisory board