The Future of the EU – National Perspectives

The future of Europe has in recent years been increasingly discussed at EU level, highlighting member states' diverse views regarding the direction and speed of European integration. But what issues are at the core of the national debates in European countries when the future of the EU is discussed? How can we better understand the political dynamics within the different EU member states?

In the recently published book "The future of Europe – Views from the capitals", authors from 32 European countries convey national views on the development of the EU.

At this SIEPS seminar, Michael Kaeding, one of the book's editors, gives an overview of the national perspectives on the future of European cooperation. In addition, the seminar will devote special attention to the debates in the Nordic states with contributions from leading researchers Juha Jokela and Marlene Wind.

  • 21 september 2018 09:00 - 10:30
  • Sieps, Torsgatan 11, Stockholm (4th floor, Riksmötet)
  • Michael Kaeding, Professor of European Integration and European Union Politics at the Institute of Political Science of the University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Juha Jokela, Director of the European Union research programme at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs
  • Marlene Wind, Director of the Centre for European Politics (CEP) and a Professor of Law at iCourts Centre of Excellence and the Faculty of Law, both at the University of Copenhagen
  • Göran von Sydow, tillförordnad direktör, Sieps
  • Registrering, kaffe och smörgås från 08.30
  • Språk: engelska
  • Seminariet är avgiftsfritt och öppet för allmänheten.
  • Seminariet kommer att filmas.