EU agencies on the move: challenges ahead

Vos Ellen

Since the 1990’s, the number of EU agencies has increased steadily and rapidly. While they have been given more discretionary powers, the mechanisms of control and accountability have not kept up with this development.

  • EU structure and governance

Policy conditionality – a new instrument in the EU budget post-2020?

Kölling Mario

The EU is facing a range of significant long-term challenges with budget implications. In this context, both the EU institutions and the Member States seem intent on focussing more on the concept of European added value. One much debated budget instrument is policy conditionality.

  • EU's budget
  • Member states

National co-financing of CAP direct payments

Matthews Alan

The Member States should take greater ownership of EU agricultural policy. A co-financing model would also close the funding gap caused by Brexit, writes Professor Alan Matthews.

  • EU's budget
  • Member states

Should Sweden adopt the euro?

Höpner Martin

Sweden currently benefits from being a euro outsider. This conclusion is drawn by Martin Höpner, a political scientist at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. At the same time, Höpner explains, Sweden should be prepared to explain and defend its choice to keep the krona.

  • Sweden and the EU

Italy and the Completion of the Euro Area

Jones Erik

Italy was selected to join the euro among the first group of EU member states. The country’s experience of the single currency is however mixed, which has led to a sceptical attitude towards the euro reforms proposed.

  • Member states



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