The Franco-German dialogue on the future of the EU

Engberg Katarina


The reconciliation of France and Germany has been central to European integration. Today, the two countries are seeking to strengthen the EU in a new context of external and internal pressures.

Spain after the June 2016 elections: What implications for the EU? (2017:6epa)

Pérez-Nievas Santiago Martín Irene


After ten months of interim government and two general elections Mariano Rajoy was elected head of government. The government’s support in the parliament is weak and the conservative government party Partido Popular is in the midst of comprehensive corruption investigations.

Should Sweden adopt the euro?

Höpner Martin


Sweden currently benefits from being a euro outsider. This conclusion is drawn by Martin Höpner, a political scientist at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. At the same time, Höpner explains, Sweden should be prepared to explain and defend its choice to keep the krona.

Italy and the Completion of the Euro Area

Jones Erik


Italy was selected to join the euro among the first group of EU member states. The country’s experience of the single currency is however mixed, which has led to a sceptical attitude towards the euro reforms proposed.



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