The European Commission: Less a Leader and More a Manager?

Nugent Neill Rhinard Mark, Rhinard Mark


What, really, is the role of the European Commission? In this European policy analysis, researchers Mark Rhinard and Neill Nugent analyse the nature of the Commission. They pose the question of whether the Commission is more of a policy leader – charged with initiating policy and legislative proposals that will advance the interests of the EU as a whole – or more of an administrative body, charged with an array of executive tasks.

Is there flexibility in the European Semester process?

Sonja Bekker


The consequences of the Eurozone crisis has spurred increased coordination of member state public finances at European level. This also entails the scrutiny of socio-economic issues within the framework of the European semester.

Inside and Outside: EU External Relations in Focus

Curtin Deirdre, Eckes Christina


Foreign affairs have always involved a degree of secrecy and the EU external action is no exception. Out of security concerns and to protect the confidentiality of international negotiations, EU foreign policy actors such as the Council and the European External Action Service (EEAS) manage access to information by classifying documents as ‘secret’.

Fiske i fjärran vatten: En studie om EU:s fiskeriavtal med utvecklingsländer

Blomquist Johan, Hammarlund Cecilia, Waldo Staffan


For some developing countries, the compensation for fisheries agreements with the European Union constitutes 30–50 per cent of the total government budget. In this report, Johan Blomquist, Cecilia Hammarlund and Staffan Waldo (AgriFood Economics Centre) analyse the effects of the EU’s partnership agreements with countries in Western Africa, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.



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