Fiske i fjärran vatten: En studie om EU:s fiskeriavtal med utvecklingsländer (2016:12)

29 August 2017 09:21 Blomquist Johan, Hammarlund Cecilia, Waldo Staffan

For some developing countries, the compensation for fisheries agreements with the European Union constitutes 30–50 per cent of the total government budget. In this report, Johan Blomquist, Cecilia Hammarlund and Staffan Waldo (AgriFood Economics Centre) analyse the effects of the EU’s partnership agreements with countries in Western Africa, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

Social Housing in Europe (2015:17epa)

29 August 2017 09:21 Fernández Arrigoitia Melissa, Scanlon Kathleen, Whitehead Christine

The European Union has no direct competence in the field of housing policy, at least not as it is conventionally defined. Housing issues have however become increasingly important across the Union, especially since the global financial crisis.

Svenskarna åter alltmer positiva till EU (2015:16epa)

29 August 2017 09:21 Berg Linda

After twenty years of EU membership, the Swedish attitudes towards the EU has grown more positive and more stable in all social groups. Today, every second Swede is in favour of the Swedish EU membership.

Homophobia and genderphobia in the European Union (2015:1)

29 August 2017 09:21 Takács Judit

Sexual orientation and gender identity have been more and more identified as grounds of discrimination in European as well as in national legislation. Today, the situation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer persons in the EU is considered a human rights concern.

Energy Union and EU global Strategy: The undefined link (2015:5)

29 August 2017 09:21 Far Shahrazad, Youngs Richard

The European Energy Union is a political strategy aimed at ensuring communitarian energy transition, security of supply, a fully integrated European energy market and increased energy efficiency. However, the origin and content of the strategy is simultaneously well rooted in the EU’s external relations.



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