Efficient Solidarity Mechanisms in Asylum Policy

Fernández-Huertas Moraga Jesús, Rapoport Hillel


This report proposes a way to break the current refugee crisis deadlock between EU Member States. The authors explore ways in which physical and financial solidarity among EU Member States can be combined and propose a mechanism that allows for an exchange of refugee-admission quotas for monetary contributions.

Sweden and the Euro: The Neglected Role of EU Membership

Campos Nauro F., Coricelli Fabrizio, Moretti Luigi


The economic gains from EU membership is in theory fairly straightforward and above all related to having access to the internal market. However, it is much more complicated to show empirically that countries gain from being members of the Union.

Svenskarnas attityder till EU har stabiliserats: Analys av SOM-institutets undersökning 2015

Berg Linda, Bové Klara


Swedish attitudes towards the EU are often described as ambiguous and utilitarian. In this Sieps analysis of the SOM Institute survey 2015, the authors elaborate on issues such as Swedish support for EU membership, attitudes towards a hypothetical Euro membership and the estimation of how the EU membership has affected Sweden in a number of areas.

Linked National Public Authorities – a Study on IMI

Wall Gustaf


The presence of effective tools for cooperation and mutual assistance between national authorities is essential to bring effectiveness to the internal market. The Internal Market Information System (IMI) is one such tool used to remove obstacles to the internal market by offering a technical information system which helps linking together national authorities in various political fields.

The EU and Belarus: seizing the opportunity?

Korosteleva Elena A.


The relation between the EU and Belarus through the Eastern Partnership framework is complex. The country's domestic authoritarian character as well as its foreign policy balancing act between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union hinders the implementation of major reform packages.



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