Success Factors in EU Agricultural Negotiations (2016:10)

Elgström Ole, Rosén Sundström Malena

Sweden is sometimes viewed as having been less successful than Denmark and Finland in EU agricultural negotiations. At the same time, studies have shown that Sweden is generally perceived as an attractive negotiation partner within the EU.

  • Member states

A Critical Insight into Europe´s Criminalisation of Human Smuggling (2016:3epa)

Ilse van Liempt

This European policy analysis provides an overview of how smuggling has been framed over time in the European Union, and questions what the effects are of criminalising human smuggling for the protection of international migrants. The author finds that policies that effectively aim at reducing human smuggling must consider the push and pull factors for migration.

SME Financing in a Capital Markets Union (2016:6)

Fouché Morgane, Neugebauer Katja, Uthemann Andreas

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for close to 70 per cent of employment in the EU. However, as they are still heavily dependent on traditional bank financing, especially in comparison with their US counterparts, the European Commission recently launched a plan for a Capital Markets Union (CMU), aiming to diversify the funding channels available to European SMEs.

See You in Luxembourg? EU Governments´ Observations Under the Preliminary Reference Procedure (2016:5)

Cramér Per, Larsson Olof, Moberg Andreas, Naurin Daniel

The European Court of Justice plays a central role in the EU, but its importance as a political arena for conflicts regarding how to interpret the EU´s legislation is less known. In this report, based on unique material, the authors analyse how the Member States position themselves within the framework of preliminary Court rulings.

  • EU structure and governance

The Usefulness of the Scoreboard of the Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure in the European Union: Potentials for Reform (2015:14epa)

Knedlik Tobias

Due to the financial crises in several EU member states, the EU has constructed a scoreboard of economic indicators to be used as an early warning system; future financial crises must be revealed at an earlier stage. The new scoreboard follows a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but research shows that country specifics makes early warning systems more accurate if they allow for different thresholds.

Energy Union and EU global Strategy: The undefined link (2015:5)

Far Shahrazad, Youngs Richard

The European Energy Union is a political strategy aimed at ensuring communitarian energy transition, security of supply, a fully integrated European energy market and increased energy efficiency. However, the origin and content of the strategy is simultaneously well rooted in the EU’s external relations.

Transatlantic Market Integration, Business and Regulation: Building on the WTO (2015:11epa)

Hoekman Bernard, Mavroidis Petros C.

The big regional trade agreements such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP, could significantly affect the world trading system. How and to what extent will these agreements generate gains from trade and reduce transatlantic trade costs? And what will they mean for third parties? This policy brief reviews some of the recent analyses and discusses how the TTIP could usefully draw on the experience in the World Trade Organization, WTO, to enhance transparency, and the scope for third parties to raise issues related to regulatory barriers to trade.

The Regulatory Cooperation Chapter of the TTIP: Challenges and Opportunities (2015:20epa)

Alemanno Alberto

What distinguishes the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) from EU’s previous free trade agreements is that its focus is not so much on elimination of tariffs, but rather on reduction of regulatory barriers to trade. The system of regulatory cooperation, which the TTIP entails, is meant to achieve and sustain regulatory convergence between the parties, creating a “living agreement”, flexible to expand to new areas and adjustable to future regulatory developments.

  • EU's External Relations



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