Junckerplanen under debatt (2017:3epa)

Tarschys Daniel

The European Commission´s investment plan – the so called Juncker Plan – aims to promote investments in the EU. In this European Policy Analysis, Daniel Tarchys explains the investment plan, which consists of three parts.

How is Juncker’s ‘last-chance Commission’ faring at mid-term? (2017:4epa)

Russack Sophia

The European Commission is half-way through its term and this analysis by Sophia Russack, Researcher at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussel, provides an update of the performance of the Commission. Russack looks at its organisation and new ways of working and the consequences this has had.

The Obsolescence of the European Neighbourhood Policy (2017:4)

Blockmans Steven

The Treaty of Lisbon introduced a mandate for the EU to develop a special relationship with its neighbouring countries. How has this mandate impacted, if at all, the so-called European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) which the Union had developed in the wake of its eastern enlargement? And more generally, how has the ENP evolved in view of the new realities on the ground? These are some of the questions that Professor Steven Blockmans explores in this tenth report which SIEPS publishes in the context of its research project The EU external action and the Treaty of Lisbon.

  • EU's External Relations

The European Commission: Less a Leader and More a Manager? (2017:2epa)

Nugent Neill Rhinard Mark, Rhinard Mark

What, really, is the role of the European Commission? In this European policy analysis, researchers Mark Rhinard and Neill Nugent analyse the nature of the Commission. They pose the question of whether the Commission is more of a policy leader – charged with initiating policy and legislative proposals that will advance the interests of the EU as a whole – or more of an administrative body, charged with an array of executive tasks.

A brief on the politics and economics of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (2016:7epa)

Nordström Håkan

The negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US began in July 2013 with the ambition to conclude the negotiations before the end of President Barack Obama´s term in January 2017. This brief outlines what the parties are trying to achieve, potential sticking points, the interdependence of the EU and US economies and the potential gains of a successful agreement.

  • EU's External Relations

Linked National Public Authorities – a Study on IMI (2016:11)

Wall Gustaf

The presence of effective tools for cooperation and mutual assistance between national authorities is essential to bring effectiveness to the internal market. The Internal Market Information System (IMI) is one such tool used to remove obstacles to the internal market by offering a technical information system which helps linking together national authorities in various political fields.



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