Folkrätten, EU-rätten och flyktingarna på Medelhavet (2016:6epa)

Ratcovich Martin

Around one million refugees and migrants are said to have made their way to Europe crossing the Mediterranean last year. The European Union is still struggling to find durable solutions to the situation, but what really applies to the handling of refugees at sea? Which set of rules govern EU-coordinated activities such as Operation Triton and Operation Sophia? In this analysis, Martin Ratcovich explains international law and EU law with bearing on the refugee flows across the Mediterranean.

Inside and Outside: EU External Relations in Focus (2016:13)

Curtin Deirdre, Eckes Christina

Foreign affairs have always involved a degree of secrecy and the EU external action is no exception. Out of security concerns and to protect the confidentiality of international negotiations, EU foreign policy actors such as the Council and the European External Action Service (EEAS) manage access to information by classifying documents as ‘secret’.

  • EU's External Relations

Fiske i fjärran vatten: En studie om EU:s fiskeriavtal med utvecklingsländer (2016:12)

Blomquist Johan, Hammarlund Cecilia, Waldo Staffan

For some developing countries, the compensation for fisheries agreements with the European Union constitutes 30–50 per cent of the total government budget. In this report, Johan Blomquist, Cecilia Hammarlund and Staffan Waldo (AgriFood Economics Centre) analyse the effects of the EU’s partnership agreements with countries in Western Africa, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

  • EU's External Relations



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